August 9 - Titan Missile & Biosphere II


In Tucson, Arizona, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my car alarm blaring. Panicking that I had woken the entire motel by somehow accidentally setting off alarm myself, I stumbled outside, and it took me a few groggy minutes before I realized my car had actually been broken into. The thief had broken two (why?!) of my car's windows, crawled inside, and had gotten scared by an arriving car - opening a door (setting off the alarm) in the process of fleeing. After rifling through all my stuff, he had taken nothing (my computer & valuables were inside the motel room with me), but had left his baseball cap and multi-tool knife behind. The police officer who was called later convinced me it was useless to try to press charges.

Middle of the night car break-in & cop (8/09 3:01 AM)

I spent the day hanging around the Tucson area waiting for a glass repair company van to call me (they don't like you to come to them). First, I toured the nearby Titan-II Missile Museum .

Titan Missile silo (8/09 12:48 PM) Titan Missile silo - children run the control room (8/09 1:06 PM) Titan Missile silo - tunnel (8/09 1:25 PM) Titan Missile silo - flowering cactus (8/09 1:42 PM)

I also toured the grounds of the Biosphere II . The glass repair company never called.

Biosphere II tour (8/09 3:12 PM) Biosphere II greenhouse (8/09 3:36 PM)