July 21 - Yellow Cat Road & Arches


From Utah Route 128 just north of Dewey See in Google Maps  See on a USGS topographic map  See in Google Earth   38.8325, -109.2891 , I headed off pavement up onto a track that headed west through Yellow Cat Flat — a remote area with many mines, just north of Arches National Park, and south of Interstate 70.

Along Yellow Cat Road, I did encounter many abandoned uranium mines, as well as the remains of the old Moab stagecoach.

leaving pavement (7/21 9:22 AM) track passes over slickrock (7/21 10:07 AM) old mining town (7/21 10:40 AM) one of many exposed uranium mines (7/21 11:35 AM) view of Yellow Cat Road looking south from hills (7/21 11:51 AM) alien looking plants in the road (seed pods?) (7/21 1:36 PM) remains of the old Moab stagecoach (7/21 1:47 PM)

Entering Arches National Park the back way (from the northwest), I took the rough sandy road (the toughest track I'd encountered yet on my entire trip!) up to Klondike Bluffs to see Tower Arch and then southeast to Eye of the Whale Arch.

entering Arches National Park from the northwest (7/21 3:33 PM) Tower Arch (7/21 4:22 PM) the sandy track from Tower Arch to Eye of the Whale Arch (7/21 5:24 PM)
Arches National Park - Sign: "Sand Ahead, Impassable in Summer"

Returning to pavement, I hiked the slickrock trail (marked by cairns) to the Delicate Arch viewpoint, and then headed over to the arches of the Windows Section just before sunset.

Balanced Rock (7/21 6:23 PM) trail to Delicate Arch viewpoint (7/21 6:50 PM) Windows Arch at sunset (7/21 7:20 PM) Windows Arch (panorama) - from inside (7/21 7:23 PM)