July 26 - Hall's Crossing & Burr Trail


Thursday I went west on to Hall's Crossing, a ferry across Lake Powell. While waiting for the ferry, I hiked up a sandstone hill, and took a panoramic photo of the lake.

Lake Powell, as seen from sandstone hill I climbed (7/26 9:24 AM) sandstone hill I climbed (7/26 10:03 AM) on ferry (7/26 10:54 AM)

After landing on the northwest side of the Lake Powell, I took Burr Trail and then Petrified Forest Loop to Escalante.

Along the way, while passing through an area called the Box-Death Hollow Wilderness, and at least 15 miles from any signs of civilization, the car suddenly started making a terrible scraping/squealing sound. It squeaked when I was rolling, and stopped when I hit the brakes. After driving another mile, worrying, I finally tracked the sound to the right rear wheel, where looking closer, I found the culprit — a pebble had jammed between the disc brake and the wheel. Phew!

Burr Trail (7/26 12:54 PM) pebble squeak culprit (7/26 2:00 PM) petrified wood (7/26 2:44 PM) withered tree (7/26 2:59 PM) flowers (7/26 3:22 PM) storm breaks (7/26 3:26 PM)  (7/26 3:37 PM)