July 23 - Lion's Back & South Fork Road


While in Moab, I had to try driving up the famous Lion's Back — a sandstone ridge on private property that everyone wants to attempt. (The owner claims he doesn't recommend doing the climb, but still has a "slip $5 under the door" sign.) First you climb several hundred feet on a 25° — 45° slope, and then do a 9-point turn-around at the top of the rock before slowly descending the way you went up. My photos don't do its size justice - but I like this shot on someone else's web site. See in Google Maps  See on a USGS topographic map  See in Google Earth   38.5782, -109.5276 

Lion's Back (7/24 10:14 AM) Lion's Back - looking down (7/23 9:05 AM) Lion's Back - at top (7/23 9:09 AM) Lion's Back - looking out window (7/23 9:16 AM) Lion's Back - at bottom (7/23 9:17 AM)

I spent rest of the morning clambering around on the rocks again, back at Arches National Park.

Double Arch - wide-angle looking up (7/23 10:50 AM) Double Arch seen from Cove of Caves (7/23 11:35 AM) panoramic view from near Double Arch and Windows (7/23 12:06 PM)

In the afternoon, I drove Potash Road, South Fork Road, and the White Rim Trail along the Colorado River (and far below Dead Horse Point, where I just was the day before).

looking down to the Colorado River (7/23 3:41 PM) White Rim Trail ledge (7/23 3:57 PM) another ledge (7/23 4:29 PM)

On White Rim Trail, I soon came across the amazing Musselman Arch, a stone bridge 6 feet thick... and 300 feet down! See in Google Maps  See on a USGS topographic map  See in Google Earth   38.4358, -109.7690 

Musselman Arch (7/23 4:37 PM) Musselman Arch (7/23 4:45 PM) Musselman Arch (7/23 4:47 PM)