July 28 - Glen Canyon Dam & Cottonwood Canyon


Early Saturday morning on Romana Mesa above Lake Powell See in Google Maps  See on a USGS topographic map  See in Google Earth   37.0600, -111.3700 

Lake Powell - viewed from Romana Mesa (7/28 6:07 AM) Lake Powell - viewed from Romana Mesa (7/28 7:28 AM)

The trails through the Smoky Mountains I visited to the north have coal deposits that burn underground, producing occasional visible wisps of smoke. I took Nipple Creek trail back to civilization — a rough track that degenerated into just a rocky dry riverbed.

exposed burnt coal deposits (7/28 9:38 AM) mushroom rock in the Nipple Creek "trail" riverbed (7/28 11:04 AM)

The Glen Canyon Dam creates Lake Powell upriver in the Colorado. This dam, built in 1964, took until 1983 to fill the artificial lake to its current level.

Glen Canyon dam & road, as seen from inside the visitor center (7/28 1:45 PM)

Heading west, I visited Paria  — a ghost town, and also a nearby movie set, used extensively to film westerns through the 50's and 60's. In 1999, the BLM decided this decaying movie set was unsafe, and tore it down. They are now constructing a replica of the old movie set - pictured below.

Replica of the old torn-down movie set, which used to simulate the nearby "old west" town of Paria (7/28 3:09 PM)

Finally, I headed north on the colorful Cottonwood Canyon Road, which passes near Grosvenor Arch.

colors of Cottonwood Canyon Road (7/28 4:28 PM) Grosvenor Arch (7/28 4:42 PM)