Road to San Francisco

Twenty-five miles northwest of San Ignacio, I took a side-trip northeast on a gravel road into the Sierra San Francisco mountains. See in Google Maps  See in Google Earth   27.4405, -113.2709 

Just a few hundred yards off the paved Route 1, I found what looked like a whole truckload of tomatoes that had been only recently dumped onto the road, their intense color standing out against the drab desert beige. I never did determine why there were there... perhaps an attempt to make sun-dried tomatoes?

At Start of Road Heading East (from Highway 1 to up to the little town of San Francisco) - Tomatoes Dumped in Desert (1/3/2002 2:01 PM)

This road is straight and flat for 10 miles, then suddenly climbs onto an extensive mesa, and finally continues to wind steeply up into the mountains, allowing spectacular views of the west coast of the Baja California peninsula below.

Road to San Francisco - Looking West (panorama) (1/3/2002 2:16 PM) Road to San Francisco - Looking West (1/3/2002 2:28 PM) Road to San Francisco - Clouds (1/3/2002 2:43 PM)