Tijuana to Ensenada

I quickly crossed the Mexican border south into Tijuana — no stopping, no talking to border officials — I just cruised on through. in Tijuana, the fancy four-lane highway to Ensenada goes west for 5 miles right up against the U.S. border, so I was able to get a good look at the elaborate fence built by the Americans, and the many U.S. Border Patrol trucks zooming around in the no man's land next to it.

Driving Out of Tijuana - US Border (12/28/2001 3:10 PM)

The toll road (three $2.35 payments) south to Ensenada is speedy and scenic as it winds through the hills of the west coast of Baja.

Shore Along Toll Road North of Ensenada (panorama) (12/28/2001 4:02 PM)

I spent my first night in a hotel in Ensenada next to a dance club. See in Google Maps  See in Google Earth   31.8626, -116.6273  Earplugs were very helpful. I tasted my first real Mexican food at the mariscos market, where I ordered my favorite — campechana seafood cocktail.

Ensenada - Mariscos Market - Campechana Dinner (12/28/2001 6:33 PM)