Kayaking to Third Campsite

Amazingly clear water and lots of pelicans

Pelicans on Rocks - Approaching (Isla Espíritu Santo) Pelicans on Rocks (Isla Espíritu Santo)

We visited a cove with one of the two wells on the island (Isla Espíritu Santo). It looked only about 25 ft. down, and we weren't much more than 25 ft. above sea-level. Hmmm... maybe a bit salty. (We didn't try tasting the water.)

Geoff at Well (Isla Espíritu Santo) Geoff Looking Down Well (Isla Espíritu Santo)

Sunset at our third campsite

3rd Day Night: Little Cove - Sunset (Isla Espíritu Santo)

The next morning in our little cove.

3rd Campsite: Little Cove - Geoff with Kayaks (Isla Espíritu Santo)

Another cove with shallow water and mangroves to explore.

Mangroves (Isla Espíritu Santo)