Kayaking, Day 1

Our room in Hotel Los Arcos in La Paz is a mess, packing for kayaking trip. Is this all going to fit in our kayaks???

La Paz: Hotel Room - Packing For Kayaking Trip

We rented kayaks from Baja Outdoor Activities in La Paz. Laura's in the boat that took us and our kayaks out to the islands offshore of La Paz.

Leaving in Panga

First, we stopped by "Sea Lion Island" (Los Islotes), a little rock north of Isla La Partida with a friendly Sea Lion colony. Geoff's snorkeling with a playful young sea lion. The older ones were grumpy, and would warn us to back off by blowing bubbles.

Sea Lions at "Sea Lion Island" (Los Islotes) Geoff Snorkeling with Young Sea Lion at "Sea Lion Island" (Los Islotes)

Our drop-off point to commence kayaking (north end of Isla La Partida) wasn't particularly deserted — there was a large group of kayakers holding a wedding ceremony! The aisle was made of kayaks, and the bride and groom weren't too sober. The clown performing the ceremony was one of the tour-guides from our kayak rental company, Baja Outdoor Activities .

Baja Kayaking 1stDay Wedding AisleMadeFromKayaks Wedding on Isla La Partida - Bride and Groom Wedding on Isla La Partida - Service Lead by Clown Reading from Poe Wedding on Isla La Partida - Throwing the Bouquet