Kayaking, First Campsite

Finally, we get paddling!

Geoff in Kayak (Isla La Partida)

This is our first campsite on Isla La Partida, in a beautiful cove all to ourselves... except for the platoon of Mexican soldiers that were hidden in the distant rocks! (They were gone by the next morning when the photo was taken.) But our neighbors in uniform were way over on the other side of the large beach, so we hardly noticed them.

1st Beach: Geoff with Campsite (Isla La Partida) 1st Beach: Where the Army Men Were (Isla La Partida) 1st Beach: from Water (Isla La Partida)

Laura photographs one of the many dead pufferfish we saw. These little mines were lying around everywhere, so we felt better wearing shoes.

1st Beach: Laura Photographing Dead Pufferfish (Isla La Partida) Dead Pufferfish (Isla La Partida)

Laura photographs our campsite in Geoff's sunglasses.

2nd Day Morning - Kayaks in Geoff's Sunglasses (Isla La Partida)