Exploring the Land by Jeep, Part 2

We visit the fabled hot springs, near a very rare inland river that actually had flowing water. Unfortunately, there were a lot of cows grazing there and leaving things behind, so the water was, well, unappetizing. We chose to not swim.

Hot Springs

Flowering cactus

Flowering Cactus

We had to at least visit Cabo San Lucas, at the south tip of the Baja peninsula. Hmmm, we came all this way for KFC and American teenagers? Note the ever-present white convertible Beetle. These cars are still built in Mexico, and are the tourist ride. We somehow arrived in Cabo during Happy Hour, so our two margaritas became four. (No, Laura is not wearing a fern.)

Dinner in Cabo San Lucas - View from Restaurant - Convertible Beetle Dinner in Cabo San Lucas - Happy Hour with 2-for-1 Margaritas

Our campsite that night, 20 miles outside of Cabo. The sea lions on the rock to the right were barking all night, and the sound gave us strange nightmares. No one from Cabo came out here. Our beach was nearly deserted.

Morning - Campsite Morning - Beach Waves

Our last camping day was spent relaxing on the beach. Geoff built sandcastles.

Relaxing - Geoff's Mini Sandcastle Relaxing - Geoff's Big Sandcastle

Typical "wildlife" on the road

Morning - Cows on Road

Returning to La Paz, and yet another Tecate sign! Omnipresent Tecate ads are found on walls and storefronts just as Coca-Cola signs are found in the U.S.

Returning to La Paz - Hey Look, Yet Another Tecate Sign!