Exploring the Land by Jeep, Part 1

Leaving La Paz, and exploring the coast to the north, to Punta Las Pilitas. Isla EspĂ­ritu Santo, one of the two islands we had just explored by kayak, was visible in the distance. Our first campsite on Punta Las Pilitas

Afternoon - Jeep on Beach (Punta Las Pilitas) Evening - Campsite on (Punta Las Pilitas)

Old lava flows made for interesting beach textures. Laura finds an outgrown lobster shell.

Evening - Funky Beach Rock (Punta Las Pilitas) Evening - Lobster Shell (Punta Las Pilitas)

The next morning — we climbed the hills on the main (and only) east coast shore road south of San Juan de Los Planes. There were great views on the east coast, but not much beach access.

Morning - Climbing Backroad Morning - Backroad Above Shore

Our Jeep, experiencing temporary engine trouble. It might be a long walk! After the Jeep finally started again, a well-needed beer break!

Jeep on Backroad on Backroad - Well Needed Break

Our campsite the second night, on the northern end of the beach at Cabo los Frailes. We didn't have the beach completely to ourselves, but no one was within a mile of our tents. Can you make out Laura and the tent just below the rocks?

Cabo los Frailes - Campsite and Beach Viewed from Above on Rocks