These panoramic shots were constructed by combining multiple photographs — stitched together using the panoramic stitching software PanaVue ImageAssembler (and also a little bit of tweaking in Photoshop). PanaVue ImageAssembler is awkward to use, and only supports linear panoramas — but this software offers a level of manual control that still gets me using it when all other options fail.

I've more recently been using Microsoft's Image Composite Editor, which stitches panoramas completely automatically. Just tell it which photos to use, and it does the rest: automatically arranges, warps and blends each photo to fit. Very easy!

Crooked River Gorge, looking northwest at bend in river (7/10 4:28 PM)radio telescopes (8/03 1:15 PM)construction & repair building (8/03 3:02 PM)Horse Bench - Green River below (7/17 5:26 PM)inflating the balloon with a fan (8/05 5:46 AM)road (with washout) above valley with Grafton site (7/30 12:02 PM)Carlsbad - waiting for Bat Flight in front of the caverns (8/06 5:56 PM)Goblin Valley (panorama) (7/19 8:04 AM)view of Yellow Cat Road looking south from hills (7/21 11:51 AM)Musselman Arch (7/23 4:37 PM)sunset over Lake Powell (7/27 7:19 PM)Joshua trees & water collector (7/30 3:25 PM)Glen Canyon dam & road, as seen from inside the visitor center (7/28 1:45 PM)Moab, as seen from the Slickrock Trail (7/22 9:12 AM)Moki Dugway (7/25 12:39 PM)looking south where ALT 89 winds around the northeast tip of the Grand Canyon (7/31 12:58 PM)Goosenecks of the San Juan River (7/25 12:08 PM)Nutters Hole: a small salt flat in the Green River valley (7/18 9:31 AM)corner of Hill Air Force Range & Jeep on causeway & Floating Island - this straight barbed wire fence extends for 15 miles to the north (7/15 4:00 PM) (7/26 9:24 AM)panoramic view from near Double Arch and Windows (7/23 12:06 PM)inside miners' cabin (panorama) (7/19 5:10 PM)Coral Pink Sand Dunes (7/29 3:14 PM)Burr Trail (7/26 12:54 PM)Windows Arch (panorama) - from inside (7/21 7:23 PM)Green River valley, and the road down (Can you spot my Jeep in the upper right?) (7/18 9:04 AM)Horse Bench (panorama), looking northeast (7/17 7:13 PM)panoramic view of the Gooseneck of the Colorado River, as seen from Dead Horse Point.  The track on the ledge before the river is Potash Road / South Fork Road (7/22 4:18 PM)view from the top (7/30 2:18 PM)campsite at the edge of Link Flats (panorama) looking southeast (7/19 6:39 PM)White Sands (panorama) (8/07 4:32 PM)220 degree panoramic view from Black Rock Point, looking southwest, south, and east (7/13 9:59 AM)Bryce (panorama) (7/29 11:00 AM)