Dixie National Forest

Finally arriving on the paved Highway 12, we were thankful to have a bit of smooth driving. We emerged in the land of aspen trees, so different from the rocky area that we had just left.

Dixie National Forest - Aspens - Sportsmobile Dixie National Forest - Aspens Dixie National Forest - Looking Northeast Back Towards Capitol Reef (9:53 AM Oct 13, 2005)

We stopped in Boulder, UT at a little mini-mart called Hills & Hollows, and were delighted to find many of our favorite comfort foods. None of it was cheap, but it was a nice treat to pop an Annie's Burrito in the microwave they had there for a quick and easy healthful snack.

Calf Creek Falls

Further south on Highway 12, we stopped to hike Calf Creek Falls Trail . As Laura is a water girl, it was wonderful for her to see water in the midst of this arid land. The trail had an interpretive guide to read as we hiked along. Sweating as we traveled though the sun, we were blessed in the end by a breezy waterfall in the shade, with its spray blowing at us from all sides. It was actually a bit too cold, so we took back our earlier promises of going swimming.

Calf Creek Falls Trail - Petroglyphs (12:47 PM Oct 13, 2005) Calf Creek Falls Trail - Turkeys (1:48 PM Oct 13, 2005) Calf Creek Falls Trail - Waterfall - Laura (1:32 PM Oct 13, 2005) Calf Creek Falls Trail - Waterfall (1:33 PM Oct 13, 2005)


Craving some comfort foods for lunch, we headed to Escalante Outfitters for beer and pizza, and used their WiFi to catch up on the world. Escalante also had only a very basic grocery store, but we found what we needed.