Bahía San Rafael

El Arco to Bahía de los Angeles Loop

My final adventure was to revisit the El Arco to Bahía de los Angeles loop. The El Arco road was in unusally great shape this trip. It had been recently graded, and the steep pass at La Cuesta de la Ley has been paved. I ended up following this beer truck for a while, which was dragging a couple tires behind it for some reason. I wasn't sure what was up with that - but someone later suggested it's an attempt to smooth out the road's washboard.

Road to Ejido Prieto - Sign El Arco Airstrip La Cuesta de la Ley - Cement Section of Road Truck Dragging Tires

Bahía San Rafael South

Here, I'm camping at Playa Morro Blanco, one of my favorite beaches. The access road is eroded, rough, and there are tight squeezes through bushes that will scratch your vehicle. But for me, the seclusion is worth it.

To get photos of these shy red crabs, I had to sneak up on them - a few inches at a time over a period of 5 minutes. See in Google Maps  See in Google Earth   28.4552, -112.9902 

Playa Morro Blanco - Beach Playa Morro Blanco - Shell Fossils Playa Morro Blanco - Bird Playa Morro Blanco Playa Morro Blanco - Beach - Pelican Playa Morro Blanco - Beach - Crab Playa Morro Blanco - Beach - Crab Playa Morro Blanco - Tidepools - Barnacles

This scenic lagoon pool is all the way at the east end of Bahía San Rafael, at Punta Ballena.

Punta Ballena - Beach - Lagoon