San Borja Road

After leaving the cactus forest, we were back on Highway 1, which we had left back in Ensenada. Turning onto the Bahía de los Angeles road See in Google Maps  See in Google Earth   29.0454, -114.1519 , we passed a closed Pemex gas station, where several people were selling gas from barrels in the back of their pickup trucks.

Intersection of Route 1 and Road to Bahía de los Angeles - Closed Pemex - People Selling Gas from Drums

From here we decided to head south to see the San Borja Mission, which Geoff had visited several years before, and he had loved his tour.

Road to San Borja - Flowers - Sportsmobile

Montevideo Cave Paintings

We had also read about a detour to see some cave paintings. The road was fairly well maintained. Certain spots were rough but overall the road would be manageable for an ordinary car.

Montevideo Petroglyphs Montevideo Petroglyphs Montevideo Petroglyphs

Misión San Borja

When we reached the mission See in Google Maps  See in Google Earth   28.7444, -113.7540 , we were told in Spanish by a young man that the person who gives the tours wasn't around and he didn't know when he'd be back. Obviously, we were disappointed, after driving the two hours out a rough road to see the place. He offered to take us to see some hot springs or the cave paintings but we just wanted to see the mission. The mission was surrounded by chain-link fences and yellow tape, and we looked at it from the outside. We later learned of some political reasons for what was going on .

San Borja - Laura San Borja

We left San Borja and headed southwest back to Highway 1, and saw some more wonderful flowering yuccas.

Road to San Borja - Sportsmobile (Photo by Laura) Road to San Borja - Flowering Yucca (Photo by Laura) Road to San Borja - Geoff Agave Flower Bud Road to San Borja - Boojum (Cirio) With Moss (Photo by Laura)