Pátzcuaro, the largest (pop. 70,000) town in the area, sits at the southern end of Lake Pátzcuaro. The town center retains its centuries old feeling with its ancient buildings, narrow streets, traditional storefronts, and local crafts for sale. It's a popular tourist destination. During the day, the cobblestone streets of Pátzcuaro's main square are lined with tour busses. The library is a wonderful centuries old cathedral-like building, but sadly holds very few books.

Pátzcuaro - Square Pátzcuaro - Square Pátzcuaro - Purple Water in Fountain Pátzcuaro - Brian Lauri Pátzcuaro Pátzcuaro - Loom Demonstration Pátzcuaro - Church Pátzcuaro - Door Pátzcuaro - Library - Old Building - Not Many Books Pátzcuaro - Brian Geoff

I was impressed by the fleet of 1970's-style Volkswagen vans used as taxis.

Pátzcuaro - Volkswagen Bus Taxis

Brian doesn't have regularly have electricity his place, so he often travels to Pátzcuaro to buy candles and other supplies. One time we bought a ten-kilo candle for US$40. Note the lack of railings on the second floor of the hardware store. (No litigation issues here!) We found some beautiful hand-painted sinks for US$40 - $50

Pátzcuaro - Candle Store - Huge Candles Pátzcuaro - Candle Store Pátzcuaro - Candle Store Pátzcuaro - Hardware Store - No Railings Pátzcuaro - Hardware Store - No Railings Pátzcuaro - Loading Roof Panels on Van - Brian Pátzcuaro - Sinks Pátzcuaro - Van Full of Stuff - Plants Wood

For lunch, we would eat tortas (Brian's favorite) or Campechana seafood cocktail (my favorite).

Pátzcuaro - Super Tortas Pátzcuaro - Campechana (photo by Brian) Pátzcuaro - Campechana - Evelym - Geoff (photo by Brian)

One day we drove the cobblestone road up to the top of the nearby volcano El Estribo See in Google Maps  See in Google Earth   19.5168, -101.6408  for a panoramic view looking north over Lake Pátzcuaro area. The first photo shows a close-up of the mountain to the west where Eronga and Rancho Madroño are found. The second photo is a close-up of the town of Janitzio on an island in Lake Pátzcuaro.

Lake Pátzcuaro - View from the top of El Estribo - Looking towards Eronga & Rancho Madroño Lake Pátzcuaro - View from the top of El Estribo - Janitzio Island Lake Pátzcuaro - View from the top of El Estribo (photo by Brian) Lake Pátzcuaro - View from the top of El Estribo

Map of Morelia area, Eronga & Pátzcuaro