The Beginning, a Night in Melaque

Unlike many of our past trips to Mexico, we spent our three-week trip in Mexico without a vehicle. We spent our time in three different locations, for a week in each. Our goal was to spend enough time in each area that we could practice our Spanish, explore the area, and have a taste of what it might be like to live there.

For the first two weeks, we stayed mid-western coast of Mexico, also known as Costa Allegre (the "happy coast"), about 100 miles southeast of Puerto Vallarta. The first week was spent in the tiny town of La Manzanilla, where we attended a language immersion school. The second week was in the somewhat larger town of Melaque, just 10 or so miles south of La Manzanilla. For the third week, we went inland to Michoac√°n to visit our friend Brian who lives near P√°tzcuaro.

The First Day

We flew into Manzanillo airport. From there, a short cab ride brought us to Melaque, where we enjoyed relaxing in the warm weather, having a few drinks, and exploring the northern end of the beach. Our homestay would start the very next day in La Manzanilla so this was a nice break after our busy home life (just finishing school and work the day before). We loved watching the pelicans and the terns dive into the water unison. One type of bird was significantly more awkward than the other (pelicans), but still just as beautiful. Wow, what a change from Seattle winter weather!

Melaque - Beach (panorama) Melaque - Beach - Blue Footed Boobie Melaque - Beach Melaque - Beach Melaque - Beach - RV Campground Melaque - Beach - Pelican Melaque - Pelicans on Boat Melaque - Beach - Hotel Ruined by Earthquake Melaque - Swimming