Utah Ruins - Before & After (2011 vs. 2014)

I've been curious about how much the ruins in Utah change over the years, perhaps affected by visitors or weather. Here are some before & after (2011 vs. 2014) comparisons of some ruin sites I've visited. Click on the photos below for larger versions.

Citadel Ruin

This is the most significant change I noticed — a large section of wall has fallen from the left of the the entrance in the center of the photos below.

Utah - Ruins - Before & After - Citadel Ruin


Seven Kivas Ruin

Someone has lifted up a log in front of the center kiva and rested it on the wall to its left — so that it's diagonal in the 2014 image.

Utah - Ruins - Before & After - Seven Kivas


Lewis Lodge Ruin

This is a high-traffic spot — the only way to continue further on this ledge is to pass through this doorway. The walls look identical to me, but some of the fallen rocks on the ground have shifted between the two photos.

Utah - Ruins - Before & After - Lewis Lodge


Someone decided it was appropriate to rebuild a section of wall on the room to on the left side of the photos below (to the left of the window).

Utah - Ruins - Before & After - Lewis Lodge


The most obvious change here is that one of the vertical roof-support bracing logs (not original) is missing in the 2014 photo (below). These images are panoramas stitched from multiple photographs, so don't place too much importance on any little details that might just be stitching software artifacts. Also, (obviously) they were taken from slightly different perspectives.

Utah - Ruins - Before & After - Lewis Lodge - Kiva


Over Under Ruin

Upper cave: The photos look pretty similar, except that someone built a little patio from flat rocks on the ground to the left of the building in the 2014 photo (below).

Utah - Ruins - Before & After - Over Under Ruin (Upper)


Lower cave: Some rocks and logs on the ground have moved around, but I don't note any changes to the structures themselves. A log leaning on the right building in the 2011 photo (above) is missing in 2014 (below).

Utah - Ruins - Before & After - Over Under Ruin (Lower)