Black Rock Desert, 2010

Another visit to one of my favorite places — the Black Rock Desert.


Camping near the 12-mile entrance, 450 ft above the playa surface.

Black Rock Playa View - Campsite - View - PlayaBlack Rock Playa View - Campsite - SportsmobileBlack Rock Playa View - Campsite - View - Playa Entrance

Another good viewpoint, behind the gravel pit a bit farther north, 250 ft above the playa surface.

Gravel Pit Hill - SportsmobileGravel Pit Hill - Sportsmobile

Coyote Spring Dune

Coyote Spring DuneCoyote Spring Dune

Frog Pond Hot Springs

(Closed to the public.)

Frog Pond Hot Springs - Gate - No Trespassing

Trego Hot Springs

Trego Hot SpringsTrego Hot Springs - Train

Split boulder, near Trego

Split Boulder - Geoff

Cassidy Mine

Nice view of the playa here, too.

Cassidy MineCassidy MineCassidy Mine Prospect - ViewpointCassidy Mine - Viewpoint - SportsmobileCassidy Mine - Viewpoint - Sportsmobile

Steamboat Mountain

Since my last visit, the road up to top of Steamboat Mountain has been replaced with a footpath. There are now fences, signs, and a designated parking lot. Is this an improvement?

Steamboat Mountain (as seen from Cassidy Mine)Steamboat Mountain - New Fence - Hiking OnlySteamboat Mountain - ParkingSteamboat MountainSteamboat Mountain - Marker

Black Rock Hot Springs

Some covered wagon remains are still there.

Black Rock Hot Springs - Covered WagonBlack Rock Hot Springs - Covered WagonBlack Rock Hot Springs - Covered WagonBlack Rock Hot Springs - Log BookBlack Rock Hot Springs - WaterBlack Rock Hot Springs - Water - DockBlack Rock Hot Springs - Water - 110 degrees

Double Hot Springs

Yes, the water was just about as hot as specified by the large welded steel sign. Unfortunately someone left the hot water fill pipe in the tub, so it was way too hot for soaking — and would take hours to cool.

I was disappointed, but still took a shower using some water I cooled in a jug. Eight hours later, I found myself sick with a nasty stomach bug that lasted a couple days. I blame this water — being splashed into my face.

Double Hot Springs - Sign: "Danger 175° Water"Double Hot Springs - 172 degreesDouble Hot SpringsDouble Hot Springs

Black Rock Range

Black Rock Range Cliffs (from below)Black Rock Range Cliffs (from below)

"Mini Playas"

Mini Playa - SportsmobileMini Playa - SportsmobileMini PlayaMini Playa - Road South of Mini Playa - Viewpoint - Little Island Hill

Clifftop view road

Road to Clifftop View - SportsmobileRoad to Clifftop View - SportsmobileRoad to Clifftop View - SportsmobileRoad to Clifftop View - SportsmobileRoad to Clifftop View - Sportsmobile

View from the top.

Clifftop View - SportsmobileClifftop View - Black Rock PointClifftop View - Black Rock PointClifftop View - SportsmobileClifftop View - SportsmobileClifftop View - Playa View, Looking NortClifftop View

The ground up there was littered with thousands fragments of mahogany obsidian that appeared to be partially-completed arrowheads and other rock tools.

Clifftop View - Mahogany Obsidian - Arrowhead PiecesClifftop View - Mahogany Obsidian - ArrowheadsClifftop View - Mahogany Obsidian - ArrowheadClifftop View - Veins of Mahogany Obsidian

East Branch of the Black Rock Desert

Driving Down to East Playa Branch - HorseRoad - Intersection - Sign: "Road Dead Ends in 9 Miles"


Pronghorn AntelopeLizardLizardLizardLizardYellow Flowers, Orange LichensFlowersPods

Map and Track Log

Map - Black Rock Desert Trip 2010

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