Bahía Concepción & Cataviña

Bahía Concepción

Having rounded Cabo, it was time for me to head back north. After much pavement driving, my next stop was camping at the south end of Bahía Concepción. At one end of the beach, there was what appeared to be a long-abandoned RV park. Local fishermen seemed to be stashing their discarded scallop shells in one of the buildings.

Southeast End of Bahía Concepción - Beach - SportsmobileSoutheast End of Bahía Concepción - Los Pinos - Shells

More Bahía Concepción exploring followed the next morning.

I found that the famously picturesque Punta Requeson now has a shiny new paved access road, starting at a ridiculously large intersection.

Punta RequesonPunta Requeson - BeachPunta Requeson - Entrance - Pavement

Unhappy Coyote Rock Art at Bahía Coyote

I had trouble making out what this pictograph near the road at Bahía Coyote represents, but my Baja Adventure Book describes it as an "unhappy coyote".

"Unhappy Coyote" - Pictographs"Unhappy Coyote" - Pictographs"Unhappy Coyote" - Pictographs

Bahía Burro Hike and Rock Art

I meant to take only a quick stop at Bahía Burro to find some petroglyphs, but I ended up climbing to the top of a mountain looking for them. Luckily, I didn't dehydrate myself — and I was rewarded with a fantastic view of Bahía Burro and Bahía Coyote beyond. The volcanic rocks at the top of this mountain are ringing rocks — they ring like bells when tapped with hard objects. And, I did finally stumble upon those petroglyphs.

Hike - Bahía Burro & Bahía CoyoteHike - Bahía Burro PetroglyphsHike - Bahía Burro Petroglyphs

Tire Trouble

Driving north on the highway again, I experienced another misadventure. My right-rear tire explosively delaminated! This means the tread separated from the tire, bashing the underside of the van hard enough to crush sheet metal and completely flatten my exhaust pipe. I had to use the handle end of my lug wrench to pry the exhaust open again.

Tire Delamination - SportsmobileTire Delamination - SportsmobileTire Delamination - Sportsmobile - ExhaustTire Delamination - Sportsmobile - Prying Exhaust Open with Lug Wrench

Punta Morro Santo Domingo Lighthouse

This was my last night in Baja — camping at the Punta Morro Santo Domingo Lighthouse, north of Guerrero Negro. See in Google Maps See in Google Earth  28.2397, -114.1032 

Punta Morro Santo Domingo - LighthousePunta Morro Santo Domingo - LighthousePunta Morro Santo Domingo - Lighthouse - StairsPunta Morro Santo Domingo - Lighthouse - StairsPunta Morro Santo Domingo - Beach - SportsmobilePunta Morro Santo Domingo - Lighthouse - Beach - Sportsmobile

Next was a long day driving north to the border. I made this stop to stretch my legs exploring some boulders north of Cataviña. See in Google Maps See in Google Earth  29.7984, -114.7685 

Rocks near CataviñaRocks near CataviñaRocks near CataviñaRocks near Cataviña

I returned to the USA just past sundown, using the Tecate border crossing which was low-key as usual.

Tecate - USA Border Crossing