La Paz & Carnaval

Back in La Pax, in our hotel, the Hotel Los Arcos, right on the bay, overlooking the Malecón.

La Paz: Our Hotel - Los ArcosLa Paz: Carnaval - The Strip (Malecón) - Blocked for Carnaval - Geoff

Our favorite restaurant, the Palapa Adriana. Palapas are little seafood restaurants on the beach. There we ate our favorite dish — Campechana — a huge sundae glass filled with all kinds of seafood ceviche, pickled in lime juice and salsa. Yum!

La Paz: Our Favorite Restaurant - Palapa AdrianaLa Paz: Our Favorite Restaurant - Palapa Adriana - Our Favorite Dish - Campechana

Children's carnaval celebration show, with kids in traditional outfits. We didn't ask about the girls in Polynesian dresses.

La Paz: Carnaval - Children in Costume

The strip, during carnaval — many booths with people selling colorful things.

La Paz: Carnaval - The Strip - in Evening

That night, crowds and amusement park rides

La Paz: Carnaval - The StripLa Paz: Carnaval - Rides