Las Pintas Petroglyphs

Las Pintas

Las Pintas are an extensive region of boulders marked by petroglyphs just north of Arroyo San Fernando. I spent hours clambering around photographing any carvings I spotted.

Las Pintas - PetroglyphsLas Pintas - PetroglyphsLas Pintas - PetroglyphsLas Pintas - Petroglyphs

A little cave contained what appeared to be some kind of stone tools for grinding.

Las Pintas - CaveLas Pintas - Stone Tools

The rocks themselves were also interesting — many of which are made up of fossils.

Las Pintas - CanyonLas Pintas - CanyonLas Pintas - HolesLas Pintas - FossilsLas Pintas - Fossils

Unfortunately, a little bit of modern graffiti mars the rocks at the "entrance" to this area.

Las Pintas - Graffiti

Cactuses and other interesting plants thrive here, often squeezed into sandy pockets in the boulders.

BoojumCactus - CardónBoojumBoojumCactus - CardónCactus - In HolePlantJoshua Tree


Heading home — more plants spotted on my trip, including flowering yucca.

Yucca - FlowerYucca - FlowerYucca - Flower - BeesPlants - Iceplant - HielitosRed CactusOcotillo - FlowersElephant Tree

Beach near El Rosario (El Campito)

Before leaving Baja California, I made one last stop to swim at a beach north of El Rosario, where Highway 1 again reaches the Pacific coast. The coastal rocks here had been eroded into a little tidepool cave full of mussels, crabs, and sea urchins. See in Google Maps See in Google Earth  30.1633, -115.7994 

Beach near El RosarioBeach near El Rosario - Tidepool - CaveBeach near El Rosario - Tidepool - CaveBeach near El Rosario - Tidepool - CaveBeach near El Rosario - Tidepool - Cave - MusselsBeach near El Rosario - Tidepool - Cave - Crab

Signs indicated that trash should be placed into trash cans, but these overflowing cans seemed to have no provision for anyone to collect the trash.

Beach near El Rosario - Sign: "Ponga la Basura en los Botes"Beach near El Rosario - Trash Can

Tecate Border Crossing

I left Baja California via the Tecate border crossing, my favorite for its short wait times. I hope to go back soon!