Photo Shoot in the Old Brewery Building


I helped setup for Thomas' photo shoot in the old Seattle Brewing & Malting Company building in Georgetown, WA.

Outside the brewery building

Brewery BuildingBrewery Building at Seattle Brewery in Georgetown - 065Brewery BuildingBrewery Building

Inside: Four floors of cement, peeling paint, staircases, and dust.

Seattle Brewing and Malting Co. - TilesStairsStar on FloorInteriorChairHole where tank wasPhoto ShootBrewery BuildingBrewery Building at Seattle Brewery in Georgetown - 060Green MossBrewery BuildingAlcovePhoto Shoot

The main staircase, with an ornate metal railing.

Staircase - RailingStairsStairs - RailingStairs

A spiral staircase also provided access to all four floors.

Spiral StaircaseSpiral StaircaseSpiral StaircaseSpiral StaircaseSpiral StaircaseSpiral Staircase


Painting - SophiePainting

Snow was blowing in through the cracks in the boarded-up doors.

Snow Blowing in under DoorSnow

Next door, there were some historical photos:

Historical PhotoTimeline

Setup for the photo shoot — hours of makeup, hair and costume preparation (next door, where it was warm!)


The photo shoot — It was literally freezing in the unheated brewery building. We had a down parkas and kerosene heater that provided a bit of heat for the models in their skimpy outfits, but did nothing to warm the enormous building.

Photographing - ThomasPhotographing - ThomasPhotographingPhotographing - ThomasPhotographing - ThomasPhotographing - ThomasSpiral Staircase - Photographing

Trying to stay warm

Model - Warming up at Heater

Here are some early shots Thomas took on this site on the first day with Alison modeling: Part 1, Part 2.

This old brewery building was also the location for a Ninja video shoot in 2007.