Mushroom Hunting near Olympic Hot Springs

Along the trail near Olympic Hot Springs...

MushroomMushroom HuntingMushroom - GarwoodGarwood - StefanMushroomGarwoodMushroom - GarwoodMushroomGarwood - StefanGarwood

A soak at Olympic Hot Springs See in Google Maps See on a USGS topographic map See in Google Earth  47.9762, -123.6883 

Olympic Hot SpringsOlympic Hot Springs - Garwood - StefanOlympic Hot Springs

A curious mushroom on the trail

Curious MushroomCurious Mushroom

And, of course, cooking them up later!

Cooking Mushrooms - StefanCooking Mushrooms - StefanCooking Mushrooms - GarwoodCooking Mushrooms - StefanCooking Mushrooms - Wrong Type of Mushroom