Hawaii - Big Island, Kauai


Big Island

The first 3 days were spent on the Big Island, where Laura swam, biked, and ran for her Lavaman Triathlon. I cheered her on and took lots of photos. During Laura's training I had one day to myself to have a little adventure exploring the Big Island's volcanoes.


I drove to Hilo and had lunch at the Farmer's Market, where they sold many interesting foods including Spam sushi. (Spam is really big in Hawaii.)

Hilo - Farmers MarketHilo


Then I visited the low-altitude Halemaumau volcano, a rocky moonscape with cracks, steam vents, and tunnels. Building rock piles was kapu.

Halemaumau VolcanoHalemaumau Volcano - Sign - Don't Build Rock PilesHalemaumau VolcanoHalemaumau Volcano - GeoffHalemaumau VolcanoHalemaumau Volcano - FernHalemaumau Volcano - Lava TubeHalemaumau Volcano - Lava TubeHalemaumau Volcano - Lava Tube

Mauna Kea

I wrapped up the day with a climb (in my rental car) to the top of Mauna Kea, where at 13,800 ft., there's lots of snow! I gave a ride to some snowboarders who were spending the day boarding down and hitching rides back to the top. Besides boarding and sledding, the other local pastime seems to be shoveling ones pickup truck full of snow and bringing it back home! I even took a sizeable snowball home with me as a temporary souvenir.

Mauna Kea - SnowMauna Kea - SnowboardersMauna Kea - Snow - GeoffMauna Kea - SnowGPS: Elevation is 13,800 ft.Mauna Kea - Snowball - SnowMauna Kea - SnowMauna Kea - SnowMauna Kea - Snow - Filling Truck with Snow


After Laura's triathlon, we had 3 days to relax together in Kauai. We spent our days on the north (rainier) shore, wandering the beach, and hiking to the Hanakapiai Falls.

FlightFlightKilauea Point LighthouseHanalei Colony Resort - BeachHanalei Colony Resort - BeachLobster ShellBeachGreen Seaweed - BeachGreen Seaweed - BeachBeachSunset - Kee Beach - BeachSunset - Kee Beach - BeachSunset - Kee Beach - BeachAt Night - Beach

Shave ice is very popular. There were some curious flavors:

Shaved Ice - LauraShaved IceShaved IceShaved Ice - Laura

This road wash-out from recent heavy rains had (luckily) been repaired:

Wash Out (Photo by Laura)Geoff Driving (Photo by Laura)

Kalalau Trail

Kalalau TrailKalalau Trail - BeachKalalau Trail - Kee Beach - Laura - Geoff - BeachKalalau Trail - BeachKalalau TrailKalalau Trail - Hanakapiai Falls - Trail - BambooKalalau Trail - Hanakapiai Falls - Trail - FlowersKalalau Trail - Hanakapiai Falls - Trail - LauraKalalau Trail - Hanakapiai FallsKalalau Trail - Hanakapiai FallsKalalau Trail - Hanakapiai Falls - Geoff - LauraKalalau Trail - Hanakapiai Falls - Trail - Flower PetalsKalalau Trail - Hanakapiai Falls - Trail - FlowersKalalau TrailKalalau Trail - Kee Beach - Beach

Some geeky maps of my GPS log using Google Earth:

Hawaii - Our Google Earth TrackKauai - Our Google Earth Track