Phoenix Fest 2001

Marcus - Leo - On JoustMarcus - Leo - On Joust - Tres - WatchingMarcus - Tres - On JoustMezbian Camp - With JoustPhoenix - At Top of Main StageMain StageCamp Om - PanoramaMezbian CampGetting Sprayed with WaterKlickitat Swimming - In River - Jumping from RocksPacking Bus to LeaveXeno with BugPacking Bus to LeaveSpraying WaterReading (Photo by Molly)Nathan (Photo by Molly)Leo - Kirby (Photo by Molly)Joust (Photo by Molly)Kat Strip Pole (Photo by Molly)Pounding (Photo by Molly)Sleeping (Photo by Molly)Llew Beer Comfort (Photo by Molly)Llew Comfort (Photo by Molly)Molly (Photo by Molly)Moving Comfort (Photo by Molly)Comfort (Photo by Molly)Simon - Reading (Photo by Molly)Kira (Photo by Molly)Brady (Photo by Molly)Sleeping (Photo by Molly)Strip Pole (Photo by Molly)