Tokyo, Japan


Inside MinivanSquareBig TV - On BuildingLove HotelStreetMan Smoking in Juice Bar - Itoen Natural StationSign: "Learn English"Sticker MachinePeople in SubwaySubway Station InsideTokyo BridgeTokyo Bridge - GeoffTokyo BridgeTokyo Bridge with Futuristic Building in Background

People paying their respect at the shrine of the local baseball team:

Baseball Shrine at MallBaseball Shrine at MallBob at Baseball Shrine


Department Store - FoodElectronics District Stores - AkihabaraElectronics District Store - AkihabaraApple iMac for Sale in StoreMall - Caucasian Mannequins wearing Kimonos

Kaiten Sushi (conveyor belt)

Kaiten Sushi - Yuka - Bob - GeoffKaiten Sushi - Bob - Geoff


Couple on the StreetSchoolgirls - Baggy SocksMcDonalds - Girls Baggy Socks - Bob

I had a bit of a fixation with curious Japanese bathroomfixtures.

BathroomBathroom - ToiletToilet with Sink Built-in


Pachinko Parlor from OutsidePachinko - Bob

Night Time

Video Game - Match Dance Beat DrumsSex District - For Young GirlNight - Colors - People Waiting to Cash in Their Gambling ChipsNight - Lit Signs - PanoramaTokyo from TowerTokyo Tower from BelowCity at NightCity at Night - Kaiten Sushi Shop from OutsideAt Night - KFC

Night Clubs

Tokyo - Geoff - Book: "Tokyo Night City"Gas Panic - Roppongi - Bar - Sign: "NO TAP WATER"Gas Panic - Roppongi - Sign: "EVERYBODY MUST BE DRINKING TO STAY INSIDE GAS PANIC"Gas Panic - Roppongi - Professional Dancers - On BarGas Panic - Roppongi - Must Order Drink to Get - InBlue Club - DownstairsBlue Club UpstairsBlue Club DownstairsLate Night - Blue Club Tired People by Lockers in Stairwell

The subway was closed late at night, so we decided to skip sleeping our last night and stay out at the clubs until early morning.

After a quick breakfast, we spent our last day in Japan (finally getting outside the city) -- fishing!

Bob's Breakfast: Eggs & NattoFishingFishingFishing - GeoffFishing - Bob